Cairns Photographer
Cairns Photographer Dominic Chaplin

Coming Soon - Wildlife Stock Images

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Wildlife Photography has been a passion of Dominic’s for many years and he has many thousands of images from his travels. In early 2024 we will be making his images available for viewing and purchase in a brand new stock library. We hope you will have a look, see what’s there and enjoy them as much as we do!  

Cairns Sports Photographer

 Dominic Chaplin at Pine Creek Pictures
specialises in sports photography.
Dominic has been working full time photographing
in Far North Queensland and beyond for over 20 years.


If you need team photos for your club or high quality action shots at a sports carnival, contact us. While we mainly cover Rugby League, AFL, Football, Athletics and Basketball, we have photographed almost every sport and travel throughout Queensland and Australia.

Cairns Photographer Dominic Chaplin

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